At Brows & Lashes, we specialize in eyelash extensions, eyebrow shaping, and permanent makeup. We are devoted to helping you maintain a youthful and groomed appearance. For your convenience, we have a location in Chinatown, and a new location opening soon in The Galleria.

About Tracy, Owner & Founder

A natural born artist, Tracy Nguyen graduated in Fashion Design in her hometown of Houston in 1983. Her passion has lead her to travel the world in the pursuit of honing her talent and advancing her career. Her certifications and career milestones are as follows:

  • Makeup Artist, Adrien Arpel, Manassas, Virginia, 1984
  • Launched her own Salon and Spa, Houston, Texas, 1988
  • Permanent Makeup Training, Houston, Texas, 1991
  • Advance Training, National Society of Paramedical Aesthetic Professionals, 2001
  • Trained with Karen Betts, Permanent Makeup World Conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2013
  • Advanced Technique in Hair Stroke Eyebrows with Mary Ritcherson, Tampa, Florida, 2015
  • Advanced training for Hair Stroke Eyebrows with Alina Soloveva, Russia, 2015
  • Microblading hair stroke eyebrow world renowned master Branko Babic, Serbia, 2016

Tracy enjoys art and loves using her skills to help her clients feel beautiful. She feels that all her clients are beautiful people, and her skill lies in accentuating and enhancing their natural assets. She takes great pride in helping ladies spend less time applying makeup and more time doing the things they love. Tracy also enjoys helping men feel more confident and proud of the way they look.